About Me

Who is Kamana

Everything started when I was living in Montreal in 2012, I got offered a one month unlimited pass in a studio. I got hooked up straight away by the state of mind I was at the end of the class and how relaxed my body was feeling. After the first class which was a yin style one, I felt so peaceful and at ease. I decided to keep practicing afterwards while I was traveling but my practice was more focused on the physical benefits of yoga.
Later on, once I started to get interested into that was yoga, and read books on diferent subjects. Quickly, I realized that Yoga is a way more than a physical activity. I couldn’t believe how much it can help facing the struggle of daily life and get more positive about everything happening around.
“Yoga can be considered as egoist/hedonist practice but is mostly practiced in group classes and techniques and knowledges could be shared on workshop or just on a afternoon at the park with friends.”
Chloë DUTRUEL, Meditation Vipassana

Yoga Classes

Description of yin and vinyasa to include!

2017 : Shanti Club, Geneva

Monday : 20h – 21h15 : vinyasa flow

Thursday : 20h-21h15 : Yin

2018 : Furneaux Lodge, NZ

From January to April : daily morning vinyasa flow 7- 8am

From September : Daily morning vinyasa flow 6 – 7 pm

Daily evening yin class 7- 8am

Every weekends: 4 days retreats 

Why Choose Thai

Thai Yoga Massage or Nuad Bo-Barn

was looking for some combination with yoga and mediation and found out about the Thai massage. After reading more about it, i realized it’s different from an common oil massage you can get in a spa and a is a unique tradition. Indeed, the main difference is that client are fully dressed, no oil is used and it’s performed on a mat on the floor.
The work itself consists primarily of pressure on energy lines and points, and a large variety of stretching movements. Those energy lines, in Nuad Bo Barn are called “Sen”, are reminiscent of the meridians of Chinese acupuncture. Thai tradition recognizes 72000 Sen in theory, but in practice 10 sen serve as foundation.
The stretching movements in Nuad Bo Barn affect the entire body increasing flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, and helping the body’s natural energy to flow more freely. The effect of this stretching movements, in which the client play only a passive role, is similar to yoga. This is sometimes referred to as passive yoga, or yoga for lazy people.
The result is an opening of the body which one feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time.
I thought its was what I was looking for and decided in few days to take a plane and head to Chiang Mai in Thailand. After two intense weeks of giving and receiving massages at ITM Thai massage School, I was able to give a full body one for few hours.
But, as everything in life or life itself, we need to practice to get better and better.

you can now contact me to book a 90 to 120 minutes sequence at any time. I will be available this summer mostly around Geneva and South West of France. And ready to move to your own place or anywhere at your convenience.


The Best of  Thai Yoga


Strength Building

Stress Relief

Relax & Refresh


Beauty of Body

Mind & Soul


New Zealand



Body and Mental Detox

The daily routine is rhythm by yoga practice, mediation and healthy vegan meals. You will experience a body and mental detox as there is no phone coverage and limited internet access. it’s designed to allow you to cleanse your body and work on a physical and spiritual level. After this 4 days you will feel complete re-energized and uplifted.


Thai Yoga Massage

You can simply take the time to enjoy the nature reading a book on the banks of the ocean or book a Thai Yoga massage to release tensions and stretch after a long day walk on the famous Queen Charlotte Track.